anti-capitalists = walking contradictions

no matter what political ideology you claim to endorse, no matter how perceptibly laudable your stated intentions, no matter how many others your policies would ostensibly “help”… in actuality, everyone (who sanctions any political action) seeks societal interaction in a manner in which to bring about that result which they believe to be best. that is to say, everyone is a capitalist.

there are two ways to engage in capitalism: honestly or dishonestly. honest capitalists seek to be as useful to others as they can, and in return, they expect fair compensation. dishonest capitalists, on the other hand, seek to capitalize on the honesty, integrity, and hard work of others, without providing anything in return, for their own benefit or gratification.

those who seek to engage in capitalism through voluntary and mutually beneficial interaction are the honest and strong. honest capitalists are virtuous and generate moral and pragmatic progress in societies.

those, however, who seek to engage in capitalism through the state apparatus (and, therefore, through the barrel of a gun) are simply dishonest and weak. dishonest capitalists leverage the power of numbers to steal from honest capitalists.

all workers are capitalist entrepreneurs. you sell your services, or your labor, or your capital – for the highest wage (or value) you can gather. you are, simply as a matter of existence, in a perpetual capitalist relationship with others and the world.

bottomfeeders, too, are capitalist entrepreneurs. they too seek to better their own existence. they simply seek to do so via the route of dishonesty.

so, to those who claim to endorse state force under the guise of humanitarianism, let us make one thing clear; you are not noble. your poorly veiled attempted robberies are not just. you are a simple thief, and you will reap what you sow.

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  1. James (Primemignonite) on

    Nicely thought, as written. I as well agree 100%